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SEO Tip #2: High PR Social Bookmarking List

April 18, 2022 linkxseo Comments Off

SEO Tip #2: High PR Social Bookmarking List

High PR Social Bookmarking List 2013

As we mentioned on our previous post, one method that you can use if you do have a new website (or even an established one) is via social bookmarking. The process of posting a link to your favorite site or web page on websites called social bookmarking. The bookmarked page is either public or for your personal use only. But in our case we want it to be public to gain exposure and entice people to visit the source of the link.

Ah another social bookmarking list! Yeah it might sound that way, but this list is our personal list. The websites in the list are all sorted by their page rank (PR), page authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). Outlined below are the lists of websites that we use in our social bookmarking campaign. high pr social bookmarking sites.

Added: 4.2.2013

  • kippt.com
  • PR: 6 PA: 64 DA: 57

  • prmsp.net
  • PR: 4 PA: 37 DA: 31

  • tourdion.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 45 DA: 34

  • blogbookmark.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 53 DA: 46

  • confesen.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 39 DA: 28

  • bookmark4you.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 62 DA: 54

    Added: 3.14.2013

  • congresomundialjjrperu2009.org
  • PR: 4 PA: 51 DA: 41

  • romgchamber.org
  • PR: 3 PA: 47 DA: 37

  • ijrda.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 39 DA: 34

  • xiangtz.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 32 DA: 34

  • swapmylink.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 27 DA: 13

    Added 2.23.2013

  • smokefreewoman.com (formerly gweb2.com)
  • PR: 7 PA: 1 DA: 1

  • q1go.com
  • PR: 4 PA: 47 DA: 41

  • panamatop.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 46 DA: 40

  • occplan.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 40 DA: 34

  • lemmingland.com
  • PR: 3 PA: 40 DA: 37

  • sjbb.org
  • PR: 3 PA: 51 DA: 48

    Update: 4.2.2013

    smokefreewoman is no longer active.

    Update: 3.14.2013

    mylinkvault and xskconifer is no longer active.

    Some sites on the list might moderate your submission in order to know if the link that you have submitted is relevant or adhere to their policies. This websites are:

  • Dropjack
  • Infosift
  • Bizsugar
  • Tagza
  • Digg

  • Word of Advice:

    1. Submit a minimum of 1 link per day. Though you can submit a couple of links in a single day on these websites, your succeeding link submission might held into moderation or marked as spam due to the excessive submission in a short amount of time.
    2. Do not copy your description from your website. Create a description that best describes the link you are submitting.
    3. Include call to action phrases (click here, visit us, etc…) in order to entice viewers to click on the link or to visit you website.

    4. Submit website links on various niches. This way, the site admin would think of you as normal person who is genuinely submitting links that you find worth bookmarking. If you do have some bookmarking sites that are PR 3 and above and you think it is worth submitting then feel free to suggest one.

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