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SEO Article: SEO Myths

SEO Article: SEO Myths

April 18, 2022 linkxseo Comments Off

SEO Article: SEO Myths

Top SEO Ranking Myths That Just Won’t Die.

Over the past few years, numerous misconceptions and myths have come up about search engine optimization. For those who are new to SEO, this creates confusion on what is right and wrong. In this article, we will look at the most common SEO ranking myths found on the internet.

Myth #1: SEO Content Is All About Words.

Many people deliberately put all their attention and efforts on SEO content, blog posts, press releases. Isn’t this part of SEO? Yes, it is.

However, you should balance everything to ensure equal attention because all SEO variables are required to attain a high ranking on search engines. Google looks for good content but not necessarily the written content. Have you not seen videos or images or maps ranking higher than other results on Google? This proves that content is not only words, but also videos, images or maps.

Myth #2: SEO is dead.

SEO is dead!

The only thing that you need to know about this SEO ranking myth is: If there is Google then there will be SEO.

People continue to optimize their websites using onsite and offsite variables and this shows that SEO is not dead. The way people practice SEO might change with time. However, this does not mean that SEO ceases to exist. SEO will not die as long as there are search engines.

Myth #3: Guest Posting Is All You Need To Do.

A huge number of misguided SEO experts appear to think that all they need to do is follow a particular trending technique to SEO.

Today, that has been guest posting. What is wrong with guest posting? Guest posts or niche edits is not bad, on the contrary, it provides tremendous value in different ways including receiving inbound links. However, the idea that guest posting is the start and end of SEO is wrong. An effective SEO campaign involves much more than just guest posting. Remember other important SEO variables: title tags and good onsite content, etc.

Myth #4: SEO Is All About Links.

Links SEO should not be viewed as a game that involves just one tactic or a combination of different tactics. The fact that inbound links play a major role in SEO ranking algorithms cannot be disputed. However, this is no longer the case from the time Google released the Google Penguin (April 2012). Google’s evaluation of links is now on a higher level than before. You should note that relationship building is more important than link building.

Myth #5: SEO is Spam.

A number of people refer to SEO practitioners as spammers, which goes against the fact there are legal SEO methods outlined in the Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

Of course, a few tactics can be put in this category. However, many of these techniques are done properly, irregardless of whether SEO ranking was the primary purpose. Website owners should concentrate on optimizing their websites and dispel the misguided notion that SEO involves shady deals.

Myth #6: Using Google Analytics Allows Google To Keep Tabs On me More.

The main reason for this SEO ranking Myth is that SEO experts are speculative and very secretive. This is because Google does not give the variables that they use to determine its ranking and degree of algorithms. SEO experts are then left to speculate to the best of their knowledge. However, you should know that the people involved in search algorithms do not actually use Google Analytics.