Niche Edits - How It Works?

Сurated niche edits – these types of links will help your business get to the next level faster than guest posts because your link will work from the moment it appears on the site. Our team recommends this type of links both for young sites to establish credibility for your project and for more advanced sites to cement their positions in SERPs.

Example of niche edits by LinkXSeo team. In the IMG you can see the quality of the article we chose to insert our client's link.
Inserting a link into an article of this level cost $300 and brought our client over $3,485 from insertion to 2022.

Niche Edit Links Can Quickly Up Your Site In SERP

Why you should pay attention to buy niche edits. Niche Edits – are links from already indexed articles on the site where you publish and you do not need to wait for the indexing of the article. 


Generally, articles that we are looking for you already have traffic and ranked in the thematic keywords – this will have a positive impact not only on lead generation, but also on the SEO indicators of the site.

 The articles we offer are maximally thematic to your site and such links will give the maximum amount of trust to your site.

Why Choose Our Niche Edits Service

Price For Services

Our team is gaining momentum and that's why our prices at the moment are lower than in other services! Do not miss the moment to take advantage of this chance and get high-level services at a low price.

Only Live Sites - NO PBN

It's out of the question about PBN. All sites we offer you are live projects and you can see it yourself if you want! We respect the time of our clients and offer only high quality sites for link insertion.

Niche Relevant Links

We work for our name and we care what our customers say about us. We select only relevant sites for you so that your best niche edits could work more effectively.

What Are Niche Edits - Pros And Cons.

In simple words, niche edits are the insertion of a client link into an article on the site. As a rule, the article is already ranked for relevant keywords and also has traffic. As with any type of link has its advantages and disadvantages, at this stage it is important to understand which promotion strategy is more suitable for the promotion of your site. We want to make it clear at once that the guest posting is more aimed at pumping the Brand name of the site, and Niche edit Links - this is a quick and cheap way to get links from the desired site.

Pros: - You get a link from content that is already indexed and ranked
- You do not need to spend money and time to write an article
- It is easier to get a link from the right site, because not all sites accept content written externally

Cons: - You cannot change or specify the title of an article
- Not always the site owners give a choice of anchor text
- Guest posts give more publicity to your site's brand name

In conclusion, we would like to say that the best backlinking strategy is the one that includes both niche edits links and guest post links.

How We Work:

1. Requirements

We need to hear from you about the requirements for your future niche edits links you are looking for, such as DR, RD, Organic Traffic, Niche, Target GEO etc This will allow us to match you with what you are looking for.

2. Prepare a List of Links for You

We will select, according to the criteria you provide, the best sites for link insertion suitable for your project from a list from which you can choose what you like. This will allow you to see where we can publish your niche edits links.

3. Already Ranked

As soon as the links are indexed you will get a lot of link juice and trust from the sites where you left your links, in addition, your links will bring you more leads because we will put them in the most relevant posts.

Niche Edits Packeges



Suitable for those who want to try this type of links and dilute their link profile.

  • 5 Links
  • Niche Related
  • DR: 15-25
  • RD - 20-50
  • Only Real WebSites



Suitable for those who have realized how cool it is.

  • 10 Links
  • Niche Related
  • DR: 25-40
  • RD - 50-80
  • Only Real WebSites



Suitable for those who want to maximize their sales with niche edit links.

  • 20 links +
  • Niche Related
  • DR: 40>
  • RD - 100>
  • Only Real WebSites

Buy Niche Edits And Get Instant Increase

Niche edits services have long been one of the best services for online businesses. Our SEO agency has put an emphasis on developing a niche edits team. Every day we spend a lot of time looking for new opportunities to insert a link into existing articles on the sites we work with.


The concept of our work is to find the most relevant articles so that our clients can get an instant boost in quality SEO indicators and also additional leads so that you can recoup the cost of buying niche edits. Buy niche edits links and get what you’ve been waiting for from link building services.


Niche edits are a type of link building tools where a link is inserted into an existing article on a site that has been ranked and gets traffic.

And also this contextual link can bring faster results.

If you want to more info about SEO, you can check our blog, there you can find many interesting articles!

We can firmly say YES, Niche Edits work.

We've done a lot of contextual link building research on personal sites and then client sites and we've had incredible results!

Niche Edits allow you to insert links into an existing article on a site that fits your theme. Due to this you can sooner get the expected result, in addition, this type of link building services will allow you to save money on copywriting, because you do not have to order articles. But there is also a disadvantage, for example, the webmaster will not always accept your anchor, or may change it over time. So our recommendation is to combine guest posts and niche edits.

Our link building service offers you niche edits, you can easily order this service from us.

After your order, we will make a list of sites that meet your criteria, we will find thematic articles for you and negotiate discounts with the webmasters of these sites!

You can also fill out our form on the main Link X SEO page and receive from us a list of five good sites with articles themed to you

Niche edits and Link insertion in an existing article are the same things. All of these terms explain the process of integrating a link into existing content on a website. Link building services for extracting links from existing articles is one of the main activities of our agency.