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Niche edit vs guest post

May 11, 2022 linkxseo Comments Off

Niche edit vs guest post

In this article, we’ll tell you what niche edits and guest posts are.

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    These backlinks will help you achieve the desired results, because it will be inserted in the already indexed article on the site, and the more authoritative this site, the faster re-indexed, and your link will be taken into account.

    Pros of Niche Edits:

    You don’t need to spend money and time writing content, you just need to add a few words to surround your link with relevant near-anchor text.

    Article in which you inserting link, as a rule already indexed. If it’s a pretty good old post then there’s a chance that it may have external links, and it will have more weight than a young page. So if you picked the right article to inserting link, it already has traffic and is ranking for the right keys for you.

    The link appears in niche relevant content, so it can getting a lead for your commercial site.

    Cons of Niche Edits:

    As for the cons. You can’t set the title and content of the article, as well as the Title, Description, etc.

    Second of cons. The webmaster may not accept your anchor text or he may change it to “close to the subject”, which will not work for you.

    Also there is a possibility, that the web won’t allow you to edit existing article content. So in case the web allows you to edit the article, links to competitors may appear in front of you.

    And don’t forget that there won’t always be a relevant article on the site, this is of the main problems.

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    How to find articles for Niche Edits?

    You can find the right article for you in “Top Pages” by using the keywords that interest you!

    Guest Posts- What are these? Pros & Cons.

    Guest posts work at the expense of your content placed on an authoritative and relevant to your site.

    Pros of Guest Posts:

    You can set your Title, H1, and Description, these are all important activities for the search robot to be at the top for the queries you want. In general, you can optimize your guest posts for your queries, on a topic that is suitable for you and this will improve your link building.

    So pumping brand your site, writing a guest posts, you can make a great statement about yourself, talking about what your company does and how it differs from the competition. There is also pumping of the author’s name in your articles.

    Therefore, you can control the number of backlinks in the article, their location, and set your anchor text.

    Cons of Guest Posts:

    Writing content costs money and also takes time. And don’t forget about indexing the article will not go immediately and may take some time.

    A fresh guest posts have no traffic and doesn’t rank for the keys you need. Therefore by publishing an article on the site you start at the very bottom on your way to gaining online credibility.

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    How to find a site for Guest Posts?

    You can find the site for Guest Posts using Ahrefs. So in our case we are looking at Referring Domains that lead to the site.


    So, in conclusion, I want to say that the best way to use a mix of these types of backlinks. And all depends on your goals and capabilities.

    So, inserting links is a quicker solution that does not require a lot of money and time.

    And guest posting will improve brand awareness and allow for your brand description in more detail.

    Best Regards, your Link X SEO Team!

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