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Link Building Services in 2013

SEO Article: Link Building in 2013

May 18, 2022 linkxseo Comments Off

SEO Article: Link Building in 2013

Link Building Strategies for 2013

Search engines constantly optimize their algorithms. Making reinvention of a company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy necessary to stay relevant and get results out of the process. Link building is one of the ways to achieve greater visibility in the Internet. And works by increasing click rates and search rankings on popular search engines.

In 2013, it is important for a company to engage in link building that evolves out of a genuine activity tied to it – as search engines have begun more stringent crackdowns on links regarded as spam.

A few link building tips would especially come handy for an aspiring company in 2013 –

Develop plugins and extensions

With the rise of open source in the modern computing era and the proliferation of use of plugins by various websites and applications. Development of a popular plugin or widget is a sure-fire way to achieve visibility through quality back-links.

Create an entry for your website on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most frequently accessed websites on the Internet. An entry and link on Wikipedia would also confer a certain authenticity to your company. Additions can also be made to relevant pages on related fields of work to maximize efficiency.


Sponsoring events is also an outlet to have your company’s link placed on their website and with the right choices, would prove profitable in the long run.

Associations and Affiliations

Associating your company with various institutions, trade associations and other companies will allow you to place a link in their member directory or affiliates.

Reclaiming old links

Redirecting links on defunct pages to similar pages in a company’s updated site enable it to use its existing link repository for link building.

Promotional ventures

Addition of your company on popular promotional and deal websites and forums increases backlinks and referral traffic to the company’s website. 

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