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Infographic: Video Optimization Process

April 18, 2022 linkxseo Comments Off

Infographic: Video Optimization Process

Posted on by Lee Van

Lots of SEO or link builders have been making use of social media as a resource for their back links and most likely to further improve the authority of their brand. G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the 5 major social networking sites that is usually visit by many to accumulate target audience and obtain prospects for their businesses.

Though it may be outdated, video publication will always be among the list of top techniques to market your business or product. But how is the video optimized? How does one find out that it could entice viewers? Have a look at the infographic below on the process of optimizing a video, in order to find out if your video is well suited for the market or people that you are targeting.

Video optimization process

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