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  •  If you didn't already known this, sharing your videos is a highly regarded tip to get a major increase in search engine rankings and traffic back to your website. There are literally hundreds of video sharing sites across the net looking for fresh videos to share with the world. The most popular is YouTube of course. If you ever noticed times when you do a search on google for whatever videos your looking for, chances are you will see a video listing near the top of google or any other search engine for that matter. What does this mean for you? You need to leverage the power of video for your business and get it out to the masses. Millions of people just like to watch videos, plain and simple. You provide the video and we can send it out to many of the highly favored video sharing sites the SEs (search engines) love. It keeps the viewer interested and on site. Meaning they love your work and helps to build trust. The more viewers you get, the higher rank you get, the more important you video is to the SEs. Its like TV, the more a TV program is watched, the more valuable it is. SO lets get your video out there and build some quality backlinks.

     Blogs and microblogs are probably the most popular website platform out there, tens of millions of blogs scattered all across the net. Many of these offer commenting and guest posting to their blogs. Just do a search for "your keyword" blogs on any SE, you will find millions of them. But you want to pick the high quality, authoritive blogs that get a lot of traffic. So here you want to do a guest post or make a comment there. But commenting must be accurate, don't make a spam comment like, " Great Post, Keep Up The Good Work". That doesn't fly anymore. Read the post, make a comment by adding your thoughts on it. Depending on the blog, you maybe able to add your website link at the end of it. This is what we are looking for. So, we will search for high quality blogs of your chosen niche and provide a relevant, quality guest post or comment on their blog. Building links back to your site.

      I think you are starting to realize the power of backlinks now. Marketing professionals all agree that building high quality back links to your website is 90% of the search engine optimization (SEO) process. This is what's called the "off page" optimization. So the question is, do you need to build backlinks like this to your website? If your struggling to get traffic, making low or no sales, can't find your website in even the first 10 pages on the search engines, then YES, you do!! By using our back lining service, you are leveraging the power of our system to benefit you. Now you can concentrate on improving or developing your business. You not need to worry about spending hours and hours a week just trying to get quality back links for your business.

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  • I was very pleased with the service and professionalism with Linkx SEO. They reviewed my site and made some suggestions that I never even thought of. Now my sites climbing the search engines and we are getting more traffic now than ever before.

    Jack G.