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  • Summing It All Up

  • Here we will sum it all up of whats exactly involved in designing and implementing your back links campaign

  •  First we will discuss with you your ideas and keyword choices you are aiming for. Depending on your package choice we will research your keyword choices and check to see if they are in a low, medium, or high competitive market. This will determine the estimated length of time it will take to beat your competition. We will also suggest to you other keyword possibilities you may not have even thought of. The key here is to aim for good traffic, low competition keywords that can rank your site quicker. Long tail keywords are usually the best to rank for. An example can be if your niche market is furniture. So the keyword is "furniture", try targeting a more specific long tail keyword like " Teac Patio Furniture". This is a long tail keyword that will have less competition than "Furniture" and generally be easier to rank for.

     Next we will research your competitions keywords AND their backlinking strategies. We will check to see how many links are pointing back to their site or any other site they have such as Web 2.0, blogs, social media sites, forums, etc. Determining your competitions linking strategy is the key to beating them at their own game. Generally, the higher up the first page of Google and any other search engine your competition is, the more links they have. So, the more links they have, the higher the difficulty, the longer it will take to pass your competitors website. So we will develop a detailed back linking strategy and implement it in the most efficient way possible to get your business to the top. We also will provide monthly rankings reports of your site to show you how the linking campaign is performing.

     Next stage we will write articles for you, depending on your package, we will distribute them to various high quality, high page rank article directories over a set period of time. We generally send out your article over the course of 30 days. This simulates human behavior so that your article is submitted in a human like form, which eliminates the risk of article directories banning your article. We will also write different variations of your article so theres no duplicate content across the directories. The articles we distribute out will also be across various Page Ranked directories ranging from PR1 to PR 7. Variety is the key to getting good quality back links to your site. I'm gonna reveal to you what 90% of marketers don't know about an effective back linking campaign. Check out my article on The Secret To High Search Engine Rankings.

     We will also send a unique version of your article to not just article directories, but to Social Media, Web 2.0 sites, and guest posts to other niche specific blogs. By the way, we will create these site accounts for you if you do not have them. Linkx SEO will regularly schedule articles and posts to all of your accounts either you or we create for you. If you have existing accounts we will need the login information. We will "drip feed" your articles and posts to all of these sites over the course of 30 days. This will been seen by all of the search engines. They will notice that it is being posted by a person, not a machine. which is great for your back linking campaign and rankings. Yes, we do use software to help us perform these tasks. If theres any company out there that says they do this manually, they are flat out lying. Nobody can do this without some form of automation. It would cost thousands of dollars a month to do this manually at the volume we do this.

     Next, all of the articles and sites we submit to, will be pinged. Meaning the search engines will be notified of your new content and begin spidering it with their robots within 24 hours. This is backlinking on steroids we are talking about now. Not only that, but Linkx SEO will take your RSS feed if you have one, and ping that too. If you don't have one, we will create one for you. When we ping your RSS feed, we are effectively doubling and quadrupling your links to your sites. We are talking about thousands of links now in the course of a month!! High quality inbound links to your website. As a matter of fact, we can ping everything to let the search engines know of your new content such as others, like press releases, posts, Web 2.0, social media, videos and more. But this will be done in a drip feed fashion, not all the one time. Can you see the power of this now? Potentially thousands of links monthly.

     Linkx SEO will also create for you a Press Release and send it to the top PR sites across the net. Press Releases are a great way to let the world know of your business, something new products coming your business, a sale, anything that you feel important enough to let potential clients of a new event within your business. These sites have PageRanks upwards of a 9 out of 10! That's huge.

      Did you know that there are document sharing websites out there that will happily accept a document from your business? Not many people know about this. If you have a free report, PDF, or word document you feel would be of benefit to others. Share it! We will send your document to the best document sharing sites out there. These also have a high PR upwards of 9 also. If you have it, we will share it to the world. Now we cannot create this document for you because this should come from the owner, you know whats worth something to others. We will share with all.

     Do you have videos? Most businesses do. So if you do have a video you want distributed, we can do that too. We will send it to the top video sharing sites across the web. everyone knows about YouTube, but there are dozens more out there. Chances you haven't heard of Content Buzz. This is a video sharing site not well known but has 2.8 million hits per month. Now if you can get your video on that site plus many more, would that help skyrocket traffic and sales, you bet it would. We have this and many others to access. And we can ping videos too. Please note we do not create videos, we merely submit them.

     Next we take your website URLs, or pages, and bookmark them to the major bookmarking sites. Many of these sites do carry a good pagerank from 1 to 7. Submitting your pages to these sites will diversify your back linking portfolio. Many millions of people use these services to streamline there bookmarks for easy access anytime to their favorite sites. Once you site is added, thousands more potential customers and/or clients will see your business. Maybe click through because they are interested in your products or services that may be beneficial to them.

     Forum posts are another way to create back links to your website. But its not as powerful as it use to be. We will still utilize them for maximum link diversity. Sending regular comments, opinions, suggestions to the forums closely associated to your business niche to help increase your business or brand awareness. Doing this will also help establish you and your business in a position of authority. Commenting over time will allow your business to place a link within the comments of your account for all to see. So, more back links are coming to your site now.

     Next we will create a detailed back links report every month to show you how well the campaign is performing. Report will include submissions, sites that are linking back to your site, page ranks of these sites, when they linked to your website and much more.

     Another report we offer is the competition report. Showing whose your competition and what they are doing to rank higher than you. You will be able to see who they are linking to and be able to hijack their links to increase your rankings past theirs. Knowing this information will help your business surpass them and start getting their customers.

     Head on over to our Back Linking Packages to see which ones right for your business.