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  • Social Media Marketing

  •  To develop a great backlinking campaign, you MUST include social media marketing into the back linking process. Using social media to its fullest requires a lot of time and effort. This means creating accounts on all the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more. Now to constantly update these accounts will pretty much take up a few hours a day, especially if you want to consistently engage your readers and followers. To help maintain a good back linking campaign, you have to update these sites on an average of 2-4 times a week. All the big search engines will se this by spidering these sites daily and see your social media sites are constantly updated, giving a lot of what we call "link juice" back to your money site. But doing all of this updating takes away your ability to focus on your business and other important projects. Well, we can solve this issue also.

  • Create Social Media Accounts

    We will begin by creating social media accounts across the most popular sites on the web. But if you have these sites already up, great. We can maintain these for you. Then we will verify these accounts and begin by setting up posts, comments, articles distribution at pre determined times to show the search engines that these tasks are emulated by a real person. Thus giving your social media sites that human touch. And if theres any backlinking service out there that says they perform all these tasks by a person or a team of people, there flat out lying. NOBODY can do all this without some automation. If they do then the costs would be thousands of dollars a month. Nobody is willing to pay that amount of money a month. I don't believe it and neither should you.

  • Monitor And Update Social Media Accounts

    Once your social media accounts are created and verified, we will continue to update and monitor these accounts to continue keeping them current and active. The search engines love seeing continuously updated content and reward you with higher SE rankings, increased traffic and more sales as a result. This also keeps your readers, or followers monitoring your social media sites looking forward to your next interesting article, post, comment or maybe your products and services. This builds credibility and trust within your readers, which can increase sales. 

  • We Build High Quality Links

    Using social media marketing is a big part of a great backlinking campaign. So to sum it up: We will create your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more. (If you already have them, we will need login details to update them). Then we will continuously monitor and update them to provide fresh content to keep your followers and readers engaged with your site. But theres more to building links than just social media marketing. We will also create accounts in the other platforms such as Web 2.0 sites, RSS feeds, bookmarking site, blogs, microblogs and more. We can also link these to your social media accounts. Thus providing links to your links, which we call added "link juice". We can build a custom linking structure that best suits your needs. Click through to see what Web 2.0 and RSS can offer.