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  • Press Release and PDF Documents

  •  Using Press Releases to boost your business or brand can dramatically increase business sales, traffic, leads. You can use press releases to notify customers and news sites about your product launch, new business, a change in your business, and many other forms of notification to the world.

     Did you also know that there are many document sharing sites that you can send your documents to and get backlinks back to your site? Not many people even know about this technique. There are document sites out there with a page ranks from 4-9!! This is a great way to get your information out there to share with the world. And get a major back link boost to your website. Many sites accept PDFs, word, excel, etc.

  • Press Release Submission

    You provide us your press release and we will deliver it to many of the high PR press release sites out there and give your business or brand that media boost it wants and needs to start increasing website traffic and backlinks back to your business site. There are many free press release sites out there that are highly recognized by the search engines. They send there search bots out daily to them to see if theres new content available to index and provide newly updated content to there searchers.

  • PDF Document submission

    If you have a PDF document that you want to share with the world that you feel will benefit a lot of readers out there, we will submit this PDF document to many of the major document sharing sites across the net to also bring valuable back links to your site, more free traffic, and increased sales. Even if you have a free ebook that's in PDF format, you can send that too. Giving value to your readers by offering a service or information that will solve there problems. Building trust and credibility.

  • Now Linkx SEO offers more back linking techniques to increase your search engine rankings. We can build links back to your websites with your videos too. Find out more on Video and Blog submissions