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     For visiting our site, we would like to offer you a free detailed backlinks analysis report. What we will do is take your website URL www.yoursite.com and analyze it with the top website you are competing with to get the top page ranking for. We analyze your website and compare it to your competition an place them side by side in the report (up to 1000 links) to show you what you need to do to get the top search engine spot. The report will show:

    1. The total number of backlinks you have compared to your competition
    2. Where the backlinks are coming from
    3. Are they dofollow or nofollow
    4. TLD distribution
    5. Country distribution
    6. PR distribution
    7. The sites that are providing the back links
    8. And more

     So you will receive two reports, one that gives you your sites back links summary and a comparison report that puts your site next to your competitors site. This is valuable information to have as you can see what you need to do to beat your competitions site. How many links you need, where you can get them, whos linking to your competition, etc.

     This is a $97.00 value but I want to offer you this today for no cost. So fill out the form below and I will start building your site backlinks analysis report.

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