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  • 3 Myths About High Search Engine rankings

  • Whoever has the most backlinks, wins? WRONG!! Many say that if you have alot of backlinks pointing to your website, or whats considered 'votes' will get the highest rankings. Since another link from another website, or VOTE points back to your website, or thousands of links, that doesn't mean you will get a higher ranking.

    Heres the three hidden secrets to ranking high on the search engines:

     1. The number of backlinks:

     To find out how many backlinks your competition has. Heres a simple trick. Take there domain and copy and paste
    it into a site called Majestic.com in the search bar. Check out the "SUMMARY" tab just below, you will be shown their back linking history. Then you will see the # of external backlinks and referring domains they have. This is the number you wanna beat. This number can be a little overwhelming depending on your niche and keyword choices. But it can be done. It will take more time the more back links they have. I suggest you sign up for a free account here, you will only get 2-3 domains to analyze per day, but that's enough to give you an idea of what your up against

     Now if you want to find a less competitive keyword that has a reasonable amount of monthly searches and then do
    a backlink check of the competition, you will see much less external backlinks for your competition. This maybe a
    better option for you. SO bottom line, you need to acquire more backlinks then your competition to get on the
    first page of Google and other search engines.

     2. The variety of backlinks:

     Under the same example, you will see the number of refering domains, this number will be lower then the external
    backlinks number, you must also top that number too. This is the variety of backlinks you need to get to the first
    page of Google. I refer to the search engines as google because they are the most used SE. again, depending on
    your niche and keyword choices, this number will vary and be either fairly easy to get high ranks or take a much
    longer period of time.

     3. The consistentcy of backlinks

     Now heres the most important secret to getting a page one ranking and staying there. You cannot just get a high
    number of back links and refering domains and then stop your link building campaign. You will notice that you have
    all these links and refering domains but your site is dropping in the search engines (SEs). You MUST maintain a
    consistent back linking campaign to stay on top. So with the website you have already checked in Majestic.com,
    scroll down to check the "Backlink History" tables. What do you see? Are the backlinks being constantly
    maintained? Have they increased or dropped off over the last 90 days? Once you can answer these questions and
    build a good backlinking campaign around you new found information, you will surely succeed in getting that
    coveted top page rankings.

     Now you may find that the backlinks history reveals that they have not did a very good job in constantly
    building backlinks over the last 90 days, but they still have a #1 ranking. The reason for this will be because
    their niche and keyword choices have allowed them to stay at the top because its not a very competitive
    keyword choice or even a good niche choice. But they still have the most back links and refering domains, this
    is why they are still #1. All someone has to do now is come along with the information I have provided here and
    apply this technique, then that website will surely drop down the rankings in a small amount of time.

     Now you are armed with the secrets of a high website ranking. You need to apply this. But this will take ALOT
    of time to implement it. If you simply can't do this on your own, see how Linkx SEO can make this
    a reality.