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  • Article Marketing/Distribution

  •  Article Creation and distribution, or article marketing, is a highly beneficial practice and is a must in building high quality, backlinks to your website. Distributing your keyword rich article out to the high authority article directories will provide long lasting traffic to your business and establish you as an authority in your chosen market. This also brings about many loyal readers of your articles and gives them a feeling of trust towards your company or brand. Its kind of a social marketing thing. They will continue to watch out for your articles and continue to read them loyally. This also provides a link back to your website in the form of a resource box at the end of the article, and you guessed it, a link pointing to your website. This is a permanent link to, which provides continuous traffic to your site.

    What we will do;

     Its very simple, we will create a unique, keyword rich article within your niche, to distribute throughout the hundreds of high quality, authorative article directories across the net. This is a critical marketing technique and has been tried and tested since internet marketing started. Just check out some of the advantages of article marketing below.

     Benefits of Article Marketing and Submission:

    - Article submission is a powerful method of getting quality incoming links to your site. It's an easy way to build links and costs almost nothing.
    - Article marketing helps to achieve life time links for your website.
    - Search engines love links from content-rich pages and articles submission opens doors for increased search engine rankings.
    - Article submission helps to build your site as an authority site and builds your brand credibility in your specific market.
    - Consistent submission of articles ensures a steady flow of quality backlinks to your site. This really works for your marketing campaign.
    - Article submission is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Nearly every professional search engine marketer considers article submission as one of the main aspects in their link building process.
    - Article submission drives actual visitors towards your website which can never be achieved through traditional internet marketing tools. 

    Traffic driven by articles submission is high quality and very targeted. But there is much more to building good backlinks to your website. You also need to focus on Social Media, Web 2.0, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, Blogs, and much more. Theres so much more, so continue to the Social Media Marketing page to learn more